Wild Fish Trading (See Details)

Wild Fish Trading (See Details)

Adress: Av. Nanay Mz. B Lot 07, Santa Clara, Iquitos, Peru
Contact person: Miguel Espinoza
Email: miguel@wildfishperu.com
Website: http://www.WildFishPeru.com

Short summary: Since 2005 we have been dedicated to supplying our customers with top quality fish. We are located in Iquitos, one of the most beatiful cities in the Peruvian amazon. We offer a wide range of species such as: Corydoras, Cichlids, Catfish, Tetras, Stingrays and more.

Speciality: Shipping Silver Arowanas, Arapaima Gigas, Myleus schomburgkii, Discos, rare Tetras and many others in regular basis to main cities in the World.

Amazon Tropicals Aquarium (See Details)

Amazon Tropicals Aquarium (See Details)

Amazon Tropical Aquarium

Country: Peru

Year company started:2006

Contact person= Aldo Perez Enciso


Email 1 : aperez@amazontropicalsaquarium.com Email 2: aldo-perez-enciso@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.amazontropicalsaquarium.com

Short Summary: AMAZON TROPICALS AQUARIUM  is a company exporter ornamental tropical fish from Peru, situated in Iquitos-Peru in the center amazon jungle, with the more high quality in all the species in the different season of he year


Supplier of arowanas/arahuanas (osteglossum bicirrhosum) Silver black bar (Myleus shomburqu) Tigrinus cat (merodontunus tigrinus) Motoro stingrays (potamotrygon motoro) and much fish more