India Gills (See Details)

India Gills (See Details)

Company: India Gills
Address: #404/1, Krishna Apartments, 13 Ali Asker Road
City: Bangalore
Country: IN
Contact Person: Nikhil Sood
Phone: +916362525610

Email Address:
Starting year: 2010
Short summary: We are Exporters of some of the rarest fish from India. Having explored enough Habitats from India over the past ten years, we have discovered and helped describe over 15-18 New Species of fish from all over India. We aim to supply not only the rarest but also the common bread & butter fish with a clear aim of quality and reliability.

We are also in the process of setting up breeding farms of various species and expect to have available a large assortment of healthy captive bred fish.

Your speciality: We specialize in the rarest of the rare fish. We are the only Exporters in the world who have Aenigmachanna gollum, the only subterranean snakehead in the world. This is one of many and we also supply the regular bred & butter fish along with these.

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